JMS304: Upwork Scammed Me

I, often, get comments like this when I talk about Upwork: “What I have been noticing is that there are lots of fake jobs, fake clients and I am certain it is now a fraudulent site where most of the jobs are posted by. $5 for web design…. $3.30 for 1 psd design etc. And […]

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JMS276: Upwork Secrets

Eight little Upwork quirks most freelancers will never know: Resources Upwork 101 My answer to “What are some secrets of Upwork?” Rate and Review the Podcast If you leave a rating and review of the podcast, I’d really appreciate it. It’s the main way more people find out about it which allows me to bring […]

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JMS268: What’s An Expensive Hourly Rate For a Freelance Developer?

I was asked to answer this question from Sean on Quora: “What’s considered an expensive hourly rate for a freelance web designer/front-end web developer? I’ve seen designers charging upwards of $360/hour, while I’ve also seen designers charging downwards of $20/hour (USD).” There’s several things to talk about here. First, what is considered “expensive” and what’s […]

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