JMS415: How to Craft a Winning Freelance Proposal

Creating proposals is the key selling activity for freelancers. It’s like writing a sales letter for a copywriter. Or, building a pitch deck for a sales person. It’s what makes or breaks you when getting hired. And, a lot of people will give you paint-by-numbers, step-by-step “systems” for writing proposals. And, that’s great. But, I […]

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JMS407: The Psychology of Story Selling and Using It to Get Freelance Clients

Stories are naturally entertaining and will make your content more engaging… yes. But, that’s not the POINT. The point isn’t for your audience, it’s for you. It’s to get hired more and sell more of your freelance services, product, etc. That’s why YOU need to do it. I’ll show you why in this episode. If […]

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