Is this the turning point in your freelance career?

There’s a moment in every Freelancer’s career. You’ve got a few clients… Things seem to be going well. But, you’re not really sure how it all happened. You’re not making quite enough to feel comfortable. And, you can’t help but worry, constantly, about what happens if you lose one of our clients… and can’t get […]

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JMS268: What’s An Expensive Hourly Rate For a Freelance Developer?

I was asked to answer this question from Sean on Quora: “What’s considered an expensive hourly rate for a freelance web designer/front-end web developer? I’ve seen designers charging upwards of $360/hour, while I’ve also seen designers charging downwards of $20/hour (USD).” There’s several things to talk about here. First, what is considered “expensive” and what’s […]

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