JMS407: The Psychology of Story Selling and Using It to Get Freelance Clients

Stories are naturally entertaining and will make your content more engaging… yes. But, that’s not the POINT. The point isn’t for your audience, it’s for you. It’s to get hired more and sell more of your freelance services, product, etc. That’s why YOU need to do it. I’ll show you why in this episode. If […]

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JMS406: FREE 1-Year Skillshare Membership. Plus WHY Content Marketing

One of the first questions you might have is WHY content marketing? In this episode, I’ll show you some eye-opening statistics on content marketing’s effectiveness. Plus, my own personal experience and why I call content marketing the “great equalizer”. Here’s the link to the contest: Here’s the link to the course: Rate and […]

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JMS386: Guaranteed Success? The No-Hype Way to Ensure You Succeed In Business and in Life

It’s a different world we live in, today. All the chaos, all the technology… it can be easy to believe that the rules for success have changed. They haven’t. In fact, those fundamentals are even more effective NOW, because so few people are willing to do them. So, when you think of how to GUARANTEE […]

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