May 14, 2021

JMS432: The secret to nearly limitless productivity

The John Morris Show

A few years back, my wife and I uprooted our entire lives and sold our 2,000-sqft home in Omaha to move to “hillbilly heaven” in southern Missouri and build our version of a “tiny house”.

A small-ish, 800-sqft home on 3.5 acres.

Backed up to a lake deep in the Ozark Mountains.

And when I say “we built”…

I mean WE built it. My little brother and I did almost everything… from digging the trenches for the water and electrical to building the custom, gabled roof, running the electrical — all of it except for the siding.

That’s the one thing I hired a contractor for.

Anyway, as you can imagine, it was an intense affair — especially considering I did it while still managing several freelance clients, running a 6-figure business and homeschooling my kids.

And, I quickly learned…

All the good-sounding nonsense you get from most of the productivity “experts”… it’s cute. It’s probably all well and good if you’re trying increase your productivity by 10 or 20% — get a “little extra” done throughout the day.

But, on day 115 of 18 hour days…

Filled with intense mental work during the day…

And even more intense physical work at night.

All the fluff and nonsense goes out the window. You get to the brass tacks of what productivity is really all about. And no quaint little “checklist” or “mental exercise” is going to get your a** up to go dig that 100-ft trench in the pouring rain.

The things that “work” in those moments…

Are much, much deeper.

They strike at the core of who you are AND what you truly want in life. Had my vision for the 2nd half of my life not been as grand as it is… I don’t think we’d have ever finished. It was that grueling.

Anyway, this all speaks to what’s called “Nature’s Quintessential Secret”.

The secret to nearly limitless productive power.

It’s like walking around with a secret no one else knows. You see people all around you struggling and suffering in their daily lives — when you know the answer is so simple. It’s right in front of them.

In fact, they had it when they were a child.

But, lost it somewhere along the way.

And, now just refuse to recognize it.

People’s brains get so warped by all the “rules” we learn from parents, teachers — hell even a lot of the business “gurus” out there. When the thing that matters most is right there for you to grab hold of — and change everything in your life.

Think of it this way…

What’s the one universal “rule” every teacher, guru, expert will tell you about achieving success? “Massive action”, right? That to get anything you have to act — and you have to act intensely. “Put in the work”, “hustle”… all that.

Can you do that if you’re constantly dealing with procrastination?

Or uncertainty?

Doubt, fear, lack of motivation?

No. These are all constraints on how productive you can be. And, all the little programs and exercises are just nibbling at the edges. To really cure all of these symptoms, you have to get to the *root* problem.

And that’s what “Nature’s Quintessential Secret” is all about.

Anyway, I know how this all sounds.

But, once you see it… like really see it… you’ll realize that, if anything, I’m downplaying it. Because I know this sounds like I’m about to tell you aliens from planet Zatar are gonna beam you up to their ship…

You just need to drank this poison to “ascend”.


In any case, this is the principle underlying Part 1 of my new course, Freelance Feast. It’s about figuring out your “quintessential” service. It’s maximizing the action you take and what you achieve by breaking through those constraints.

Uncovering your “essence” and tying that to a commercially-viable service.

It’s the only way to maximize your potential.

Earn as much as you’re capable of…

And, more importantly, BE truly happy.

Anyway, like I said, it’s in Part 1 of my Freelance Feast course. That first part of the course is now up on Skillshare. It’s Lesson #3 here:

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