October 2, 2019

JMS416: How to Transition to Freelancing Full-Time

The John Morris Show

I got this question from Ryan:

“Thanks a lot for your resources online. I just want to hear your insight about job transition from a regular job to freelancing. Which is better? To quit a job and work full time as a web design freelancer/entrepreneur? Or start taking free project first while working on a regular job, and only quit when I already have paid projects? Or at least if you still remember when you started, how long it took before you get paid projects after offering free projects to clients? I’m actually in the stage of job transition and I’m 100% ready for web design. However, I’m hesitant to quit my job because maybe it will take many months or a year before getting paid projects. I know my question is a case to case basis but by hearing your experience and advice will enlighten me a lot! Thank you so much!”

It’s four things.

When I started freelancing, I tried to make the transition to full-time a few times. And, I had a couple false starts. Which are demoralizing. I definitely had my moments of “Should I just give up on this freelance thing?” But, finally, I was able to make the switch and never look back.

And, it’s been almost 10 years now that I’ve been full-time from home.

What I learned from that are four things you can do to not only make the transition easier and less anxious, but also much more likely you’ll make it successfully the FIRST time. I cover those four things in this episode.

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