September 12, 2019

JMS414: How to Become a 6-Figure Freelancer

The John Morris Show

Make six figures as a freelancer? Gimme a break. Even just writing that in the subject line makes me want to vomit in my rum and Co– I mean, coffee. You don’t want wanna make six figures. You’ll be over-worked and miserable. You have to sell your soul, ruin relationships and kiss your client’s feet. Seriously, run away…

That’s what they say, anyway.

It’s so weird to me. Everybody wants it, but nobody wants to talk about it or admit it. And, the people who’ve done it get all sweaty and awkward when it comes up. Why? Anyway, I don’t care. I’ll say it if nobody else will.

I’ve made six figures freelancing.

It wasn’t an accident.

It didn’t just fall out of the sky and I’m “so blessed”… yada, yada, yada.

I made it a goal. I came up with a plan. I worked my arse off to attain it. And, it felt good as hell the first time I did it. It didn’t make me miserable. I didn’t sell my soul or become a graveling “yes man” to my clients. It, frankly, was great.

Is that bragging?

So, be it.

Don’t care.

It’s the truth.

Now, the question is how?

Okay… simple question for you. How many hours do you need to bill in a year and at what hourly rate… in order to make six figures? If you don’t immediately know the answer, then, right now, your 6-figure “goal” really is just a pipe dream.

You don’t have a plan.

And, without a plan, it’s not just gonna happen.

So, that’s the first thing… DO the math. Know your numbers — what you need to charge and how many hours per week you need to bill. Then, you can focus on building up your clientele and fees to hit those numbers. Having THAT is 90% of the answer to actually getting there (write that down).

Next thing is a little does of reality.

It doesn’t matter what freelance services you offer… there are 1000s of other people who do the exact same thing you do. Why should I hire you over them? Oh, you’re “better”? Meh, they all say that.

You’re cheaper?

Meh, this guy over here charges even less.

You’re more reliable?

That’s what she says, too.

Give me something real. Something tangible. Something that means something to me. Not this vague sales-speak. Every freelancer I talk to says that stuff. What makes you truly unique? What makes you special? Remarkable.

You get what I’m driving at here?

If six figures is your goal, it’s not just gonna happen. You’ve gotta have a plan and you’ve gotta have compelling reasons why you’re worth it to the clients that are going to get you there. How, do you do that?

That’s what I cover in this episode of the podcast.

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