September 3, 2019

JMS413: Keep Pushy Clients In Check

The John Morris Show

Every client will push try to push the scope of your freelance projects. It’s rare to find one that won’t. And, if you let them, not only will they walk all over you and take advantage… it can cause a project to fall apart and both sides end up unhappy.

So, it’s your job to manage scope.

Not just for you, but for the client, as well.


There’s four things that you can do… from how you sell your services, through the project and even to months AFTER the project has ended to keep scope (and clients) in check AND generate repeat business. If you do these four things, not only will your “pushy client” problem likely go away, but you’re more likely to have existing clients coming to you for repeat business.

Anyway, I cover two of the four in this episode.

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