July 16, 2019

JMS410: How to Package and Price Your Freelance Services

The John Morris Show

You’re one freelance service away.

All it takes is just ONE properly packaged and priced freelance service to jumpstart your freelance career. And then, you never look back. And, all things you imagined for yourself when you decided to freelance can come true.

For me, it was Michael Hyatt.

After his project, I had people knocking down my door to hire me. And, I stumbled into creating the right service offering to take advantage of it. I got more work and made more from that one package than anything else in my freelance career.

And, the notoriety from it landed my all sorts of other freelance jobs.

So, it really can just take getting it right once.

And, of course, that’s the big problem.

HOW do you get it right?

The big thing here is NOT to guess. Mainly, because you don’t have to. There’s all kinds of freely available data that’ll help you figure out how to productize your services, how to package them and what features to include, what premiums to offer along with your services and how to price them to maximize your earnings.

It’s all there.

You just have to know where to look.

And, that’s what I show you in this episode.

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