July 9, 2019

JMS409: How to Rank in Google for Key Freelancer Search Terms

The John Morris Show

This episode is about how to rank in Google for your key freelance search terms. The keywords that will bring you targeted visitors looking to hire someone.

Can you imagine what would happen if you ranked #1 for a search term that got 6,600 searches per month and was all people wanting to hire someone right now?

That’s the idea.

And, it breaks down to two steps:

1. Create a piece of long-form, cornerstone content designed to rank high for these terms AND pre-sell your services.

2. Create shorter supplemental content that links to your cornerstone content and builds up is link value and thus its ranking in Google.

That’s what every serious SEO and blogger is out there doing right now. But, for us freelancers, it’s easier because our search terms are often riddled with blatant ads. So, ranking good content is often a lot easier on these terms.

Of course, details matter.

WHAT topic should your cornerstone content be about?

How should you write it to both rank and pre-sell your services?

What should your supplemental content be about?

How do you link in a way you don’t get Google-slapped?

All that. That’s what I cover in this episode.

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