November 19, 2018

Do developers NEED a college degree?

“You don’t need college degree to be a web developer because people with advance college degree create libraries so that people without college degree can get a job.”

That’s the comment I just got on YouTube.


Let’s tear this guy a new… ahem…

I mean, my thoughts.

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One Comment on “Do developers NEED a college degree?

November 19, 2018 at 1:50 pm

As someone who has a CS degree, I’d rather work with a street dev who has a willingness to learn and be adaptive, than an academic dev who thinks they know it all. Why, I know the street dev has the emotional capacity to work through frustration and grind when its called for. The academic dev with an elitist mind just wastes my time trying to dialogue through the arrogance. And the street dev who has a willingness to learn, can learn anything they put their mind to… too include system architecture and higher level IT strategy if they so choose.


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