July 15, 2018

JMS333: Autopsy: Plain PHP Is Completely Useless

This is one of the biggest opportunities I think most developers are missing. Our industry is saturated with good developers. Competing on skill is just not enough. Yet, so many developers loathe the idea of marketing themselves or selling at all.

But, those who embrace it will win, IMO.

In any case, that’s what this episode is. I break down my top-performing email from this past week. Show you why I think it worked. And, the digital marketing lessons you can learn from it and apply to your freelance business, your job applications and interviews or selling your app.

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One Comment on “JMS333: Autopsy: Plain PHP Is Completely Useless

Jim Thomure
July 26, 2018 at 5:35 pm

Episode 333 is one of your best!! IT freelance pros have to get better at marketing. Those that do shall win….. and win big!


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