July 2, 2018

JMS331: Developer Meat-Gazing

Back when I was just a lil’ coding padawan, I had a serious case of code-envy. Facebook, when it first came out; WordPress, Drupal, Laravel, there was even this one called Dolphin for social networks.

All these amazing applications and frameworks.

These coders with their big, beautiful code.

And, I’d find myself gazing enviously at them.

“How in the hell am I ever going to compete with that?”

Then, one day, I got contacted randomly by a guy who asked me to build him a unique kind of e-commerce site. Something none of the big shopping cart applications of the time could do.

And so, I built it.

And, he was happy.

And, it was all kinda weird.

I didn’t think it was possible, but it was.

And, I realized I didn’t HAVE to compete with those guys.

Not like I had been thinking, anyway. Those guys had spent years getting to the point that they could code those applications. And, along the way, they’d probably built dozens of smaller applications just like the one I did…

For smaller, lesser-known clients or projects.

And, built their way up.

All I really had to do was get started and keep moving.

And, not let my fear of another man’s code keep me impotent.

Fast-forward a few years and here I was building membership sites for famous people like Michael Hyatt, Lewis Howes, Tim Ferriss and Inc. Magazine. And, I’d imagine there were a few coders gazing passionately at my… ahem… code, now.

Point is…

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you first start out.

You see all those developers doing all these amazing things.

Technology changing and evolving so quickly.

And, you can start to wonder, “how the hell will I ever keep up?” But, the truth is, once you get past this initial learning curve, it’s actually not near as hard as you might think. And before you know it…

YOU will be the one other developers are “gazing” at.

Just gotta keep your head down.

And, grind through it.

In any case, that’s where I come in. I help you get through that initial learning curve faster and with a helluva lot less frustration and misstepping. And, my entire curriculum to do that is available over on SkillShare…

Where you can get started for nothing.

Just go here to start your 2-month no-cost trial:

Take all my coding and freelancing courses.

Cancel anytime before the 2 months is up and never pay a penny.

Not an easier way to get going in my not-so-humble opinion.

But, do what you want.

Link is here:



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