July 1, 2018

JMS330: Worthless I.T. Degrees

Got this from Rik:

“The only thing that ever got my fire burning was a math teacher who off-line explained me this new thing called machine language… This was in 1983. Then I did what I was “supposed” to do, Industrial Engineering, (major in CAD/CAM) then MBA with focus on Information Management. Then a bunch of jobs as Management Consultant. In the mean time I kept learning how to do cool stuff with Basic, Lotus123 macros, then dbase4 then msaccess-vba, MySQL, and then PHP! So now 90% of my billable hours are for programming dynamic sites for companies. And they pay me! And I have so much to learn still… The point I am trying to make is, here I spent large part of capital on s!@# I never use. The programming I do is completely self taught.”

What else is there to say?

I hear all these dingbats who love to drone on and on about how “necessary” a degree is when it comes to web development. Justifying all the benjamins they wasted. Truth this, you don’t need it.

Not really.

If you WANT it, hey…

More power to you.

Nothing wrong with that.

But, don’t fool yourself.

You don’t NEED it.

Roll up your sleeves and put in the work.

That’s it.

Anyhoo, I’ve got a web design and development curriculum waiting for you that’ll cost you nothing to start. PHP, OOP, Freelancing, HTML and CSS and more. Just start your 2-month no-cost trial of SkillShare here:

Take all my courses in that 2 months.

Then, cancel anytime before the 2 months is up…

And never pay a dime.

Helluva lot better than dropping 100k on “theory”.

At least, in my book.

Anyway, do what you want.

Link is here:



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