June 30, 2018

JMS329: Everyone I told this to laughed at me

In school, I was called a loser and told I’d never have any kind of success in life. When I first said I was going to make a living on the internet, everyone I told  laughed at me. When I said, I wanted to learn how to code, they said, “No way”.

Yet, all those things HAVE happened and more.

It’s a curious thing.

The more someone tells you that you can’t do something, the more likely you are to do it. So much so, I actually WANT people to tell me I can’t do something. It gives me the motivation I need to prove them wrong.

My guess is you have your doubters, too.

People who laughed when you told them you were getting into this.

People who are just waiting for you to fail so they can say, “I told you so”.

And, while you probably know you’re supposed to ignore it and keep moving forward, anyway… still, all the pressure and doubt can feel like a knife being stabbed into your temple, at times.


I say DON’T ignore it.

Wallow in it.

Remember it.

Every last word.

Every snicker.

All of it.

And, then imagine how sweet it’s going to feel when every one of these people is proved so stupendously wrong they’ll have no choice but to admit it. And, THEY’LL be the ones looking like an idiot.

And then, get to work!

And when you’re ready, I’m here to help. Get started with my web development and freelance curriculum for nothing over on SkillShare: Cancel any time before the two month is up and never pay a penny.

Nothing to risk.

Nothing to lose.

I’ll see ya over there:


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