April 26, 2018

JMS326: Making the Transition From Tech Job to Freelancer

I believe there is a fundamental difference in thinking between developers who want to work a tech job and those who want to freelance. Different priorities, different values and very different ways of viewing the world.

So, when you realize you’re in the wrong one… how do you make the transition from working a tech job and freelancing on your own? That was Wim’s question and this episode is my answer.


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One Comment on “JMS326: Making the Transition From Tech Job to Freelancer

Walter Guerrero
May 2, 2018 at 12:54 am

hey john i just started listening to your podcast and all the info has been gold for a nooby who has be itching to jump into the freelancing field. The one thing I have been wanting to ask is how do you manage multiple projects. Is there software you use to keep all the client information/passwords/logins etc? Any advice or information would be great. Awesome Upwork 101 course by the way.


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