April 6, 2018

JMS314: How Can I Freelance While Still Working a Full-Time Job?

Got this question from Luke:

“I’m contemplating the Upwork 101 course but not sure I’m ready. Stuck juggling a very busy job where I manage a small customer support team at a software company and my family. Time is tight! I’ve started one project with a friend, but it’s one we’re doing for free for another friend. A time tracking app for factory workers with php MySQL bootstrap etc on front end…… but taking the jump to start doing more is scary. I’ve got a very good salary now but work too hard…. freelancing is where I want to be but justifying it is hard. Any advice?”

Answer in this episode:


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One Comment on “JMS314: How Can I Freelance While Still Working a Full-Time Job?

April 7, 2018 at 2:50 am

I think there is no other way than doing both together, at least until you feel freelancing is paying all your bills. Pouring your pocket money into it to support your freelance dreams is a big risk…
Being pragmatic, I’d say one should start planing and doing freelancing in a slower pace while still keeping their 9-5 job. It might take longer to turn freelancing into your full-time job, but definitely less risky.


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