March 12, 2018

JMS296: The One Developer Skill That Trumps All Others

Got this from Douglas:

“Another excellent video. It’s nice how you share so many important aspects of being a programmer that don’t directly relate to the actual process of writing code. It brings a “fullness” to what you provide as an instructor. I’ve been feeling somewhat burned-out lately; but not for the reasons you’ve discussed here. I am more of an intermediate-level programmer who is still attempting to develop the skills I think necessary to be able to make web development an actual career. I’ve done much of the introductory work in learning the constructs of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc via many courses that I’ve taken, both in school and on-line. I’ve worked through numerous problems and case-studies successfully through this instruction. But what I haven’t learned yet is how to actually solve new problems I may be faced with. I suppose I haven’t yet learned how to think like a real programmer; how to analyze a problem, dissect it, lay out the steps necessary to solve it, and then write the code to do so. In short, I’m pretty good at regurgitating code but not too good using what I know to solve new problems that I haven’t previously encountered. I love coding but I’m questioning whether or not I have what it takes to bring together useful projects I may be tasked to do. And, if I can’t, what I’m doing is mostly just a mental exercise instead of a path to actually making a living. How did you progress from the “learning” stage to the problem-solving stage?”

Answer in this episode.


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