March 7, 2018

JMS293: Can I Go Straight Into Freelancing?

Got this question from Curious Truth on YouTube:

“Hey John, is it feasible to go from zero to successful freelancer without a traditional job in between? I’ve been told I should work towards getting a job first. Thank you.”

The truth about this and the five fundamentals of freelancing inside this episode.


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One Comment on “JMS293: Can I Go Straight Into Freelancing?

March 7, 2018 at 1:28 pm

I actually was working a job back in 1997 – 2001 (two sequential jobs really, both doing websites) until the .com crash, then HAD to do on my own since all the Internet possibilities, at least for my skill set, though many others, stopped hiring. The bad part was I had to work on my own, because in the both those jobs, I ended up losing the job because of how management or ownership didn’t do what they needed to correctly. Though I understood many things better than they did, of course that didn’t make it any easier.

You say great stuff here John and I applaud you for your devotion to your kids and that being why you chose what you’re doing. I had a similar scenario back in 2001. Though not all parents have that devotion oddly.

Grateful again for all you do. Keep it up.


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