March 2, 2018

JMS290: More Believability = More Influence = More Money

Why don’t you always get what you deserve in life? They don’t believe you. It’s simple. The more they believe you, the more influence you have over them, the more you get what you deserve. Clients, co-workers, potential employers, friends, family…

Doesn’t matter.

Believability leads to influence.

Influence leads to power.

Power leads to getting what you want.

This is how to make it almost impossible for others not to believe everything you say and do. Internalize it and watch how your life changes:


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One Comment on “JMS290: More Believability = More Influence = More Money

March 2, 2018 at 1:19 pm

Great stuff John. Yes, the tactic to using undeniable facts is great. That of course has been around forever. Having then saying yes a few times then it usually keeps them saying yes.

Also a question, do you do most of your sales over the phone, or via emails, texts or messenger. With pretty much all new prospects, I don’t really do on phone anymore most of the time. One thing I’ll say though when I do, I Have gotten better at saying what I need, then shutting up for them to respond. Sometimes that can be quite a pause and that used to scare me. Not really anymore, because of course listening is important. If I keep talking, what could have been a yes, lets start, then in talking more, it killed the close.


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