February 19, 2018

JMS282: I’m a Fraud

Got this email from Devin:

“Just had a long sleepless night tonight but I had a thought to share with you. See I just got a new job offer with a new large company and it is pretty sweet. Still two weeks until I start so the background check is in and underway as well as all sorts of onboarding paperwork. All the interviews done and the essentials all worked out. Seems pretty great right? It doesn’t feel that way though, ugh.

Now, I’m getting a bad case of imposter syndrome with everything almost there. See it’s the factor of the unknown and unfamiliar that is the worst! All the official everything is starting to make me question myself. To top things off, the very day after I recieved the call with the offer and I accepted, I caught this flu bug that’s been going around and that has definitely been shaking my confidence with my physical self feeling bad it’s creeping into my mental game as well.

You might think that being aware of what is going on would help but it’s just not that simple. However I also know that most programmers I’ve gotten to know well have gone through this before and expect to feel just like I do again. I’ve read tips, articles, and watched videos on the topic but they just seem too general to really help. Maybe you might know something more specific to the field or other good ways to deal with those nagging thoughts?

Here’s what I told him:


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3 Comments on “JMS282: I’m a Fraud

Douglas Heller
February 19, 2018 at 1:58 pm

Very insightful John. I thank you for sharing your thoughts; it’s one of the many things that makes you a great teacher.

One can never know if a decision is correct until after the fact. But, as you’ve pointed out to us, one can never succeed unless he/she takes some positive action on a potential opportunity. Obviously you saw this a one such opportunity and I applaud you for taking “the leap”. As a fairly astute judge of talent I have little doubt that you will succeed. Whether this job fulfills you will be something altogether different. I’m hoping it does. If not, I know you have the strength of character and skill-set to set some other course if necessary. Either way, it’s a part of your journey. Wishing you the very best.

John Morris
February 19, 2018 at 2:06 pm

Sorry if it wasn’t clear. It’s actually Devin who got the job and sent me the email, but everything you said is 100% true. Gotta make that leap…

Douglas Heller
February 19, 2018 at 6:46 pm

Sorry for the misunderstanding. Feeling a little foolish for jumping to a false assumption. I’ll be more careful in the future. Glad we’re on the same page though. Regards …


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