February 2, 2018

JMS271: Will PHP Die In 2018?

I was asked to answer this question on Quora:

“Will PHP die in 2018?”

I’ve been through this before. We know the answer is “no”. But, let me tackle it from a different angle to hopefully put this to rest once and for all. Plus, let’s address the real issue behind this question. The insecurity that’s driving it all and how to stop focusing on the wrong things so you can take advantage of the opportunities in front of you right now… instead of always worrying about some future boogeyman.

Listen to all that here:


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One Comment on “JMS271: Will PHP Die In 2018?

Gregory L Bown
October 11, 2018 at 11:23 am

Excellent, well spoken, informed viewpoint. I would only speculate that higher revenue or more high level technologies such as data science, analytics and AI are not being done in PHP and therefore the high paying jobs require knowing other languages. If you are entry level or comfortable working contracts then PHP is probably a must have skill. I say contract work because setting someone up with a custom cms system is a short term job, the very nature of the product implies they intend to do it themselves. The only time I use PHP in my current job is in maintaining legacy code and in some of my freelance work. Perhaps you could comment to this.


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