January 30, 2018

JMS268: What’s An Expensive Hourly Rate For a Freelance Developer?

I was asked to answer this question from Sean on Quora:

“What’s considered an expensive hourly rate for a freelance web designer/front-end web developer? I’ve seen designers charging upwards of $360/hour, while I’ve also seen designers charging downwards of $20/hour (USD).”

There’s several things to talk about here. First, what is considered “expensive” and what’s considered “reasonable” when it comes to web development and/or design? How do you figure out what that number is for what YOU do? What if that number is lower than you want? What can you do to charge more? What’s the difference between the developer/designer who charges $20/hour versus the one who charges $360/hour? All of that is answered in this episode:


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One Comment on “JMS268: What’s An Expensive Hourly Rate For a Freelance Developer?

Bliss Minengibi
January 31, 2018 at 8:02 am

Well, one way to find out, is to do a proper work analysis to know what materials are needed for both the designer and developer to execute a task, and since the design will spend lesser time than the developer to finish the job, the overall completion time minus design time will be equal to the developer’s completion time.
Then rating this time monetarily, you may charge based on the cost of materials used, skills applied , time may be considered…theses issues usually come up on a new job, something you are doing for the first time…


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