January 23, 2018

JMS263: How to Get Your Upwork Profile Approved (Even After It’s Been Rejected)

Got this from Shabti:

“I was learning your course today and I was going through the upwork section step by step to make a profile and I submitted my application. One hour later, they sent me this email, saying: Unfortunately, at this time there are already many freelancers with a similar skillset to yours and we cannot accept your application etc etc. My question is: has it always been like this on upwork and if so, how can I get around this?”

The key here is to understand a) this is a good thing and b) what Upwork is ultimately after. There’s a good reason they rejected you. Once you understand what it is, not only can you easily re-work your profile to get it approved, but also know exactly what to do to build a client-getting Upwork profile.

I explain it all in this episode:


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