January 22, 2018

JMS262: Iraq and How to Beat Impostor Syndrome

I got this comment on YouTube:

“You said that we probably at one point our selves have stopped learning Code because of how difficult it is. Damn man that is so true I’ve been coding for a few years now and I feel that by doing so I’ve only prolonged my growth as a Developer Just recently I got a taste of the muney doing some freelance work and its really kick-started me to improve my skills and helped get rid of most of my imposter syndrome but I’m kinda grateful that I’m just getting into this field at the right time :)”

I hear this a lot. But, impostor syndrome has a simple cure. When I was deployed to Iraq, I worked in a hospital. I wasn’t a doctor or even a medic. And, I feared the day I’d have to work on a patient all by myself. Would I panic? Did I know what I was doing? Would I hurt more than I helped?

Then, one day it happened. And, I learned the truth.

Here’s that story and how it’ll help you deal with impostor syndrome.

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