January 16, 2018

JMS258: The Simplicity Trap

I got this comment on my podcast episode, How to Make an Extra $1000 a Month:

“I will give you my honest review of this podcast. 80% of this is fluff, and basically teaching people how to count to 1000, breaking down to show how 1K is not a big deal. Nobody will benefit much from this. Imagine if you were talking about sources where clients are desperate for certain kind of code, and what freelancers need to know, before being able to do it. If you are talking about freelance places like Upwork, very often programmers will bid much, much lower than $25.”

This is what I call the “simplicity trap” and it can be quite insidious. It’ll keep you from taking actions that can have a tremendous impact on your life and career. I’ll show you the questions to ask to know if you’re falling into it VS making an honest assessment. Plus, I’ll cover how to deal with all the low bids over on Upwork.

Listen to this episode here:



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